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Hello! Hallo! Jambo! Namaskar! Mingalarbar! Sawatdee khrab! Hola! Rimaykullayki! Kamisaraki! Sanibonani! Sua ‘sdei! Namaste! Hoezit! Muribwanji! Xin Chào! Minjhani! Haai! Salam! Bonjour! Sabaaidii! Czesc! Lumela! Tjike! Molo! Muli shani!

This blog is for our friends and family who wanted to be kept up-to-date with our experiences during our “Round-the-World” trip. In the ultimate relationship test, we have decided to spend the next 10 months getting from Europe to Asia, Africa and Latin America (and back)! We look forward to sharing our experiences with you and inspiring you to get out there and see the wonderful world in which we live.

Just as a reminder for all of you, below our planned honeymoon route.